A game for toddlers, with a lock feature

Entertain and teach your toddler
Optionally, lock the device and prevent starting other apps or making calls

Baby Toy is a game to entertain and teach your toddler. Optionally, it locks the device, preventing the toddler from starting other apps or making calls. See the Settings menu for a wide set of options.

Suitable for boys or girls and ages between 6 months to two years old.

It consists of five different sound/icon themes:

  • farm animals
  • musical instruments
  • colorful robots
  • household items
  • vehicles

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Game concept

Baby Toy as a game is designed to suit both boys and girls. It is made of colorful boards, in shades of pink and blue. It targets the ages between 6 months old to two years old and promises tones of laughs when played with parental supervision!

The game concept is simple and fun! The baby touches or taps an icon, and the respective sound is heard. Fun and Simple! Keeps the child happy and busy, while educating them. You can teach them the colors, the animals of the farm or musical instruments.

The extra added lock feature is a lifesaver when a child holds your phone

When the lock options are configured, the app prevents exiting with the Home key, the Back key or the Recent Apps key. Also, it locks the volume control keys, so that the baby can't make changes on its own.

Extra boards

Android offers a set of two extra game boards, for a low price. You will find the option under the Menu button. Here is a preview of these premium boards.