Frequently Asked Questions

(and Lock Instructions)

Getting Started

We have a couple of videos for you to watch. First, have a look at the concept o f the game. This may look simple in the hands of a grown up, but it is much fun in the hands of a toddler.

After you make your self familiar with the app, you are encouraged to enable the Lock Options. There are instructions in the app's Menu > Lock Instruction option. Also, there is a Configure Lock Options instructions video.

How to unlock / exit

Keep calm. Instructions appear on the screen to remind you of the necessary steps.

Depending on the lock options you may have enabled, exiting will require specific steps. In order to exit the game, press the four corner icons in a clockwise order. Then press the back key.

How to enable lock

You need to go through this if you want to prevent the HOME key from exiting Baby Toy.

Lock options are known to work on many configurations. Proceed on your own risk.

The extra added lock feature is a lifesaver when a child holds your phone

When the lock options are configured, the app prevents exiting with the Home key, the Back key or the Recent Apps key. Also, it locks the volume control keys, so that the baby cannot make changes on its own.

How do I do this?

From the Intro screen, press Settings. Enable the Lock options you see there. Press Back and then Press Start Game.

A screen similar to the one above will open. Then

  1. select Baby Toy as your Home app and
  2. press Always
You will be able to exit by pressing on the 4 corner images clockwise and then the BACK key.

Why do I need to do this?

For security reasons, an application can't intercept the HOME key on your device. To address this, you need to register Baby Toy as your default Home Application.

Lock Google Now gesture

You may prevent access to the Google Now gesture. The process is exactly the same as with the Lock Home key option.


Depending on the apps you have installed on your device, you may see an extra app selection dialog after you leave the game. In this case, select your preferred Home Application as the default (instead of Baby Toy).

To undo all Baby Toy related settings from your device, go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, select your Launcher Application and press Clear defaults. Then do the same for Baby Toy.